Monday, May 23, 2016

Burned (Alex Verus #7) by Benedict Jacka

I received this as an ARC but the review is my own.

First off the bat, if you haven't read the books before this one, STOP! This is definitely a series that needs to be read in order. Now having got that out of the way, what the hell are you doing here? Go start this series all ready. Diviner Verus is once again the target of his enemies but this time they're not only interested in him and time is running out. As everything he's built up in the last few years is destroyed and all around him are convinced that his destiny is to serve a Dark Mage once again can he save those who matter to him or will it all come down to fate. For fans of this series this is the culmination of everything we've been leading up to. Don't rush through this book, it will leave you on tenterhooks and nobody likes those.

Great urban fantasy series with a main character who is intelligent and witty with an iron core of determination. If you like Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden, prepare to meet his hero.

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